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Andre Mattera

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TAB Owner, Facilitator and Coach
TAB York Region
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Andre Mattera has over 20 years of business experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and results driven project manager. Having owned businesses of varying sizes in multiple industries, he has a diverse range of experiences and knowledge. His comprehensive personal, business and technical skills allow him to be an invaluable adviser to not only businesses that are looking to improve anything from their culture to value but also business managers and owners looking to succeed while preserving their quality of life outside the business and possibly along a path to an exit.

The consultancy and coaching he provided was to businesses across the spectrum, from some of the most prestigious companies in Canada including leading software vendors, banks and insurance companies to owner/operators, start-ups and small businesses.

In the operation of his personal businesses, he has used appropriate techniques to nurture, grow and successfully exit. He has also been involved in outside mergers, acquisitions and transformations.

The passion he tapped into, to help his enterprises prosper and grow, is now being channelled to coach others to do the same while they maintain personal satisfaction and an overall life balance.

His track record of success for his own and client businesses is testimony to a sincere, honest, knowledgeable and passionate individual with a true desire to help those he engages with.

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