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Maria Stipic

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Owner and CEO
TAB Mississauga-Oakville
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Maria Stipic is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of demonstrated leadership experience leading world-class teams in Sales, Operations, Business Transformations, Customer Service and Business Services. In her professional experience, she’s worked with large organizations, SMBs and Independent Business Owners/Entrepreneurs to help them advance their business goals, while accelerating growth and profitability.

Maria is also Founder and CEO of IDN Consulting Group, specializing in:

* B2B & B2C Sales & Operations
* Sales Leadership & Sales Enablement
* Project Planning & Execution
* Business Readiness & Change Management
* Strategy Development & Execution
* Training & Employee Development
* Recruitment & Hiring
* Organizational Effectiveness
* Energy Industry

Maria’s broad expertise and knowledge, shared through consulting services, enables Executives and Business Owners to derive the maximum value from their businesses.

Maria is Owner and CEO of The Alternative Board, serving forward-thinking Business Owners in the Mississauga and Oakville areas and helping them grow their businesses, increase profitability and improve their lives by leveraging:

* local advisory boards
* private coaching sessions
* proprietary strategic services

Maria is a certified TAB Facilitator and Executive Coach who is passionate about helping others on their journey of personal growth, learning and continuous improvement. She partners with Business Owners to achieve their desired vision for their personal and business lives. TAB’s monthly cadence of board meetings and coaching sessions, coupled with TAB’s comprehensive business tools and resources, help Business Owners achieve successful outcomes.

If you’re …

* tired of working as a solopreneur
* feeling alone at the top
* challenged by a tough business environment
* looking to make better business decisions
* wanting to collaborate with others to leverage opportunities
* seeking to benefit from the knowledge and experience of others
* craving the support of a network of local Business Owners
* exhausted working 24/7
* seeking a better work life balance …

Maria and TAB are here to help you!

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