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Richard Hedges

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TAB – GTA East
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Richard Hedges is a Certified TAB Facilitator and Strategic Business Leadership Coach with over 30 years of leadership and operational experience. Richard has hands on experience managing large, multi-national teams, delivering complex systems, and leading regular strategic planning cycles in a demanding environment of continuous improvement and financial return. Richard’s ability to partner closely with clients and help them achieve their goals has given him practical insight into multiple industries and many varying sized businesses. He has also worked closely with many business partners, typically small to medium sized enterprises providing consulting services and custom solutions for clients.

Put differently, Richard spent his corporate career learning to build and grow businesses. During that period, he:

  • was one of the first few members of a team that he helped grow to >1000 people
  • helped build business units from tiny to huge revenues
  • managed people and helped them develop their careers across cultures & geographies
  • drove product strategy & helped introduce new products to market
  • delivered many product releases, managing product development to ensure timeliness and quality
  • helped acquire companies, big and small
  • studied at business school, getting an MBA along the way

With The Alternative Board, Richard has found a shared vision of how business owners can be successful. He is passionate about continuous improvement – even great organizations have to get better. He believes that working through your strategy in a structured way with a team of your peers is how you achieve the best outcomes. TAB’s tools help to provide that structure, and TAB’s monthly cadence of board meetings and coaching sessions enable driving those outcomes. If you’re tired of being alone, want to make better decisions and grow your business, and want to enjoy your life, Richard and TAB will help you do it!

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