TAB International
Master Partner

Are you an experienced business executive or consultant who
wants to own a professional service business with outstanding ROI?

If so, consider becoming a Master Partner with
The Alternative Board, which is the world’s largest franchise system providing peer advisory services and coaching for business owners.

Introduction to The Alternative Board

To see what TAB does and how our system benefits TAB members, please take a look at this two-minute animated English video.

This video is available in different languages:
Arabic, English (NZ, UK, US), French, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish (Latin America, Spain)

TAB, which operates in 25 countries, is the world’s largest franchise system providing peer advisory boards and business coaching for business owners. Since 1990, TAB has helped over 25,000 business owners worldwide run their businesses more strategically. With the TAB system, TAB Members grow their businesses with practical, real-world solutions.

TAB Members get advice, perspective and support during monthly facilitated group meetings with their TAB peers. They also receive business coaching provided by their TAB certified facilitator-coaches.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Do you want to see a TAB Board meeting in action and learn about the strong value proposition
TAB Members receive? Watch this video!

TAB Master Partner

TAB Masters have exclusive territories in which they operate the TAB system for acquiring and supporting TAB Unit Franchisees and independent contractor implementors.

To learn more about the TAB Master franchise opportunity, download the Master Opportunity Fast Facts brochure and send your resume or CV to [email protected]!

TAB Master Franchisees Generate Income from Numerous Sources

Start-up income for new TAB Members facilitated and coached

Monthly dues from TAB Members facilitated and coached by Master

Sales of TAB Unit Franchises within Master’s territory

New Unit Franchisee training income

Royalty income from TAB Unit Franchisees

Participation in net profits of certain Unit Franchises

Conference registration revenue

Benefits of Being a TAB Master Franchisee


Predictable monthly revenue stream

Outstanding ROI


Proven system since 1990

Masters around the world who share their best practices

Large Master territory with exclusive rights for use

Great work-life balance


Extensive Master training and support

Highly effective proprietary tools

Proven marketing and sales system

Minimal investment in inventory and personnel

Effective system for supporting TAB Unit Franchisees

Equity-building ownership of the Master franchise

Profile of TAB Master Franchisees


At least 10 years’ experience as a business executive, or senior-level manager, business consultant, business coach or business owner


Outstanding, persuasive communicator


Passionate about helping other business owners succeed

Training & Support


Highly interactive Initial and Master training programs that include both online training and in-person training


Customized Advanced Training Program

Field Support Trainer who trains you in your territory

One-to-one coaching calls provided virtually

Group Master conference calls

Annual International Facilitator Conferences

Master Conferences

Advanced training courses on topics typically discussed at TAB Meetings

Business topic webcasts

Three Primary Responsibilities of a TAB Master

Image of facilitating your TAB board and coaching your TAB board members

TAB Master Franchisees acquire members for the Master’s TAB Board. A TAB Master facilitates the meetings of one TAB Board and coaches the members of that board.

Handshake of two men closing the deal on a new unit franchise

Masters market for and sign up new TAB franchisees and Independent TAB Implementors.

image of a board facilitator training and supporting unit franchisees

Masters provide training and support for their Unit Franchisees and their Independent TAB Implementors.

Required Investment

For Most Master Franchise Territories, the Master Franchise Fee is a Minimum of


Minimum Personal Net Worth for Master Franchise

US$250,000 – US$350,000

Depending on such factors as Gross Domestic Product and population of the Master territory. 

Ed Reid, Master Partner UK:

“I’ve seen first-hand how much business owners can benefit from some really good third-party advice. While consultants, family members, and employees can provide a useful sounding board, only business owners can truly appreciate what other business owners are going through.”

Frank Kolbe, Master Partner Germany:

“TAB has become the market leader in peer advisory groups in the region. Our model consists of six to eight leaders of mostly medium-sized companies getting together on a regular basis to exchange details about their entrepreneurial challenges and to work out solutions that facilitate expanded growth.”